Maintenance costs too much!

Cellar Cooling MaintenanceTwelve months ago we were doing everything that we could to make maintenance cost neutral and through the rising costs of electricity and parts etc we were very close.  With F-Gas Regulations dictating that systems must be regularly leak checked, there was an even stronger case for maintenance, but now we have entered a terrifying new age driven by Refrigerant Gas Prices.  Maintenance is now a “No Brainer” and we’ll try to explain why that is the case and how we can have a positive impact on you, your cashflow and your peace of mind.

Maintenance is frustrating, you take your car in for a regular service knowing that it’s the right thing to do and when it’s done you wonder “What is it that I’ve just spent my £200 on?”  It drives the same, sounds the same, feels the same and I guess that’s kind of the point.

A well-maintained refrigeration or air conditioning system, or car for that matter, should just keep running efficiently, for years, hassle free.  The issues come when you don’t keep it maintained and over time filters start to block, parts start to wear, pressures start to change and soon everything is out of whack.  You don’t know of course because the system is still showing temperature and all’s well.  Or is it?

The real concern is now having to tell customers that they have gas leaks.  We haven’t been able to “top it up” for a very long time and yet it’s a common phrase we still hear.  There are legal reasons under F-Gas Regulations, but simply, a refrigerant like R404a is a mixture of substances and you always lose one part of the blend first, followed by the next and just topping it up leaves you with something completely different from the refrigerant that is supposed to be in there.  Try putting diesel in a petrol car and see what happens!!!

Refrigerant is currently at a ridiculous price and it is only going to keep getting more expensive.  Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is the best way to protect yourself against nasty surprises like gas leaks.

Our engineers are trained to use their electronic leak detectors as a standard item.  They look for issues (and potential issues) such as pipe work vibrating against each other or casings or even cables.

When we carry out a maintenance for you, our objective is to give you value and that means doing everything that we can to protect you in the future and to get the system running as efficiently as possible now.

We have introduced a range of maintenance packages and payment plans to spread the costs.

We believe that maintenance, with the conditions we are facing and the packages we have put together along with payment plans can only be a no brainer.

PRO-Tect™ gives significant savings on the cost of maintenance e.g. a full annual cellar cooling service is £131 all in but with PRO-Tect™ Silver membership this drops to £91 including a F-Gas Log if you don’t currently have one and the six monthly interim visit drops from £88 to £48 effectively giving you two for the price of one!

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Don’t get left out in the cold

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning breakdowns always happen at the most inconvenient times and sometimes it can take days to get someone to come out to help. For some kinds of business it’s not quite as important but for others a failure in their cold storage or air conditioning is a disaster.

What if we could get someone out to you within 24 hours or if you called before 9am the same day! As part of our PRO-Tect™ membership we are offering exactly that!

All of our PRO-Tect™ members benefit from free callouts, discounts on maintenance and parts but now they also get same day service!

Don’t be left for days with a broken cellar cooler, bottle fridge or AC unit! Join PRO-Tect™  today

Case Study – Air Conditioning Maintenance at Mayfield Dental Practice

Victoria from Mayfield Dental Practice contacted us to for a quote to install Air Conditioning for the surgery.

We visited the surgery to survey and quoted for a new install. Happy with the quotation they went ahead with the installation.

They also understood the importance of getting their new installation regularly serviced. This ensures that their system is kept running at its optimum, reduces running costs and will extend the lifetime of the equipment. With this in mind, they signed up to a maintenance contract with 1 visit per year.

We recently attended to do the first maintenance visit and thought you might like to see just how dirty the outdoor units can get in just 12 months!

One of the 30+ checks we do on air conditioning maintenance is to make sure the units are clean inside and out so our engineers got to work.

As you can see a lot of dirt can accumulate within just one year, so can you imagine what it would look like after 2 or 3 years?

Many people seem to think that AC maintenance is expensive, but the running costs saved quite often will pay for the servicing.

If you have an AC systems that needs a service, contact us today to book a callout.

Thinking of getting Air Conditioning installed in your Server Room?

Many large companies these days have a server room and overheating can cause computer systems to slow down or even totally crash. To prevent overheating, it is vital to keep the room cool and air conditioning is perfect for this application.

If you request a quote from us for air conditioning installation for your server room, we will visit you to complete a survey. This ensures that we quote for the correct equipment for the size of the room. We will ask relevant questions about how you use the room, such as if you have plans to increase the amount of servers in the room etc . All these things can affect what equipment you will require.

When we quote for installing AC, we normally try to provide a couple of quotes with a range of prices depending on the quality of the system.  Where server rooms are concerned quality is paramount as you need a reliable system so in this instance we prefer to quote for the best quality as the risk of failure is reduced. There are systems that are made especially for all year cooling which is required in server rooms and although they may be a little more expensive we prefer to use them in server rooms.

Once the quote has been accepted, we will then plan when we can do the installation at a time to suit you. Our installation team have been trained to create as little disturbance to you and your business as possible.

We are also big believers in helping you to extend the lifespan of your equipment so we actively promote and encourage Air Conditioning Maintenance. Not only will to help to make your system last longer it will also keep your running costs as low as possible.

In summary, if you are looking for someone to replace or install Air Conditioning in a Server Room, or in your office. Give a call to arrange a no obligation free survey.

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Air Conditioning: The Battle of The Sexes!

Office Air Conditioning

Have you ever wondered why some members of staff are comfortable whilst others are shivering in their air conditioned office? There have been some studies that explains it all.

It seems that some women feel temperature differently to some men and what is comfortable to one may feel either too or to too cold. It’s all down to metabolic rates and muscle mass apparently.

For men the most comfortable working temperature is 22°C and for women 25°C. You might want to bear this in mind if your workforce are saying they are too hot or too cold!

Having said that it doesn’t matter whether your employees are male or female, if there is a problem with your AC then none of your team will be happy.

How about reducing the risk of upsetting your staff by getting your Air Conditioning serviced. Not only will it help your AC work more efficiently, it will help prevent breakdowns, ensure your system has a longer lifecycle and reduce your running costs!

Keep your employees and your air conditioning system happy by giving us a call to book your Air Conditioning Maintenance

Tips to make the most of your Air Conditioning

A common issue in offices are complaints of drafts or AC blowing directly onto people giving them chills or just annoying them.  Many people just switch their systems on and pretty much accept what is “thrown out”.  Your controllers have a number of features to make your Air Conditioning more user friendly and comfortable such as fan speed control, temperature and louvre adjustment.  Some systems will operate from a timer as well.

So, how to use these features;

Timers, just like at home allow you to operate the AC out of hours to pre-heat / cool an office before everyone arrives and can give a more balanced temperature.  We are also starting to install systems that can be operated over the internet just like smart controls in your home.

Turning your AC right down in heating will help keep the chill off and the fabric of the building from losing too much heat.  This is going to use a little more energy but depending on the type of building and how you set it up the difference will be surprisingly little for most people and the recovery time will be much shorter.

We have a habit of thinking powerful is best and so it is with the AC, many people turn the temp up, or down to max and the fans on full to get the quickest result.  That results in extreme changes and drafts which annoy people.  It is far better to select the slowest fan speed suitable to what you are trying to achieve.  When cooling, set the louvres to flat and the air will “hug” the ceiling and travel further rather than blowing down someone’s neck.

A final thought are odours which may emit from the AC.  These can be caused by the coils being dirty, but they can also be caused by perfumes and aftershaves worn by occupants.  We tend to install odour eater tablets in our maintenance programmes which help to break down the smells for a more pleasant environment.

Hopefully these little tips will help for a more comfortable and friendly office.

If you need any help or advice, give us a call.

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