Maintenance costs too much!

Cellar Cooling MaintenanceTwelve months ago we were doing everything that we could to make maintenance cost neutral and through the rising costs of electricity and parts etc we were very close.  With F-Gas Regulations dictating that systems must be regularly leak checked, there was an even stronger case for maintenance, but now we have entered a terrifying new age driven by Refrigerant Gas Prices.  Maintenance is now a “No Brainer” and we’ll try to explain why that is the case and how we can have a positive impact on you, your cashflow and your peace of mind.

Maintenance is frustrating, you take your car in for a regular service knowing that it’s the right thing to do and when it’s done you wonder “What is it that I’ve just spent my £200 on?”  It drives the same, sounds the same, feels the same and I guess that’s kind of the point.

A well-maintained refrigeration or air conditioning system, or car for that matter, should just keep running efficiently, for years, hassle free.  The issues come when you don’t keep it maintained and over time filters start to block, parts start to wear, pressures start to change and soon everything is out of whack.  You don’t know of course because the system is still showing temperature and all’s well.  Or is it?

The real concern is now having to tell customers that they have gas leaks.  We haven’t been able to “top it up” for a very long time and yet it’s a common phrase we still hear.  There are legal reasons under F-Gas Regulations, but simply, a refrigerant like R404a is a mixture of substances and you always lose one part of the blend first, followed by the next and just topping it up leaves you with something completely different from the refrigerant that is supposed to be in there.  Try putting diesel in a petrol car and see what happens!!!

Refrigerant is currently at a ridiculous price and it is only going to keep getting more expensive.  Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is the best way to protect yourself against nasty surprises like gas leaks.

Our engineers are trained to use their electronic leak detectors as a standard item.  They look for issues (and potential issues) such as pipe work vibrating against each other or casings or even cables.

When we carry out a maintenance for you, our objective is to give you value and that means doing everything that we can to protect you in the future and to get the system running as efficiently as possible now.

We have introduced a range of maintenance packages and payment plans to spread the costs.

We believe that maintenance, with the conditions we are facing and the packages we have put together along with payment plans can only be a no brainer.

PRO-Tect™ gives significant savings on the cost of maintenance e.g. a full annual cellar cooling service is £131 all in but with PRO-Tect™ Silver membership this drops to £91 including a F-Gas Log if you don’t currently have one and the six monthly interim visit drops from £88 to £48 effectively giving you two for the price of one!

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Don’t get left out in the cold

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning breakdowns always happen at the most inconvenient times and sometimes it can take days to get someone to come out to help. For some kinds of business it’s not quite as important but for others a failure in their cold storage or air conditioning is a disaster.

What if we could get someone out to you within 24 hours or if you called before 9am the same day! As part of our PRO-Tect™ membership we are offering exactly that!

All of our PRO-Tect™ members benefit from free callouts, discounts on maintenance and parts but now they also get same day service!

Don’t be left for days with a broken cellar cooler, bottle fridge or AC unit! Join PRO-Tect™  today

Thinking of buying cold storage? Check out our tips first!

Cold Room InstallationWhen looking to have a new cold room installed or replaced, it’s imperative to make sure that the right equipment is used for the installation.

This can depend on what you plan to store, ie chilled or frozen, how often you get deliveries, the layout of your kitchen and more.

Here are a few things to think about before you order your cold storage.


It is important to make sure you buy the right size of cold storage. Having a cold room that is too big for your needs will result in unnecessary energy costs. It is always more efficient to run a cold room that is full in comparison to one that is always half empty.

How often do you get deliveries can have an impact on the size your require. If you get frequent small deliveries then a small room is needed whereas infrequent large deliveries means you need larger cold storage.


When planning a new cold or freezer room, think about where it will be going. Is it easy to access for deliveries? Is it in a hot environment? Does it need to be inside the kitchen or will it be better outside? Our site survey team will help you to decide where the best location for installation will be.


What space do you have available to have a new or replacement cold room/freezer room installed? Don’t forget the outer dimensions will be bigger than the inner size.


Do you primarily use fresh or frozen food? If you mainly use Frozen Food, then you will require a walk in freezer. If you primarily use fresh food then you will require a cold room. If a mix or fresh and frozen then a combination room may be what you need.


In order for your preparation processes to run smoothly and efficiently the location of your cold storage is important. It may be that your preparation areas need to be close to your storage but if you have other refrigeration in the prep areas then it may not be quite so important.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when looking for cold or frozen storage which is why we recommend that you get a free site survey to assess exactly what you need.

We cover the whole of the North West, so if you are looking for a new cold storage or to replace an existing system, give us a call today to book in your free site survey.

The Importance of Cold Room Maintenance

In order to keep Cold room / Freezer room breakdowns to a minimum it’s important to have them serviced regularly.

This kind of commercial refrigeration equipment is in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it makes sense to look after it properly.

If you don’t look after your Cold room / Freezer room systems properly there is a good chance that it won’t work efficiently and if it fails then you could lose a lot of stock which could have a massive impact on your business.

It’s amazing how many business will invest thousands of ££ in a new walk in fridge or freezer but see the cost of maintenance as an unnecessary expense. Maintenance for a cold room costs less than £150 for a single visit and this can be recouped in the cost of energy saved. ON top of this just think of the stress a breakdown will cost you!

We never say that regular servicing will prevent breakdowns completely, but our technicians are trained to spot problems before they occur. Maintenance will help to highlight potential major problems before they happen as well as extend the lifetime of costly equipment.

So if you want to save yourself from major headaches, give us a call to book a service for your cold room / freezer rooms. Oh and don’t forget to ask us about PRO-Tect™ which will save you money on all your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning services.

Cold Room Installation

Many kinds of business use a cold room or a freezer room, but primarily it’s businesses that require large amounts of chilled or frozen perishable goods that rely on them on a day to day basis.

Some businesses will only use them for additional perishable storage such as a large convenience store with shop floor refrigeration. But other kinds businesses may need them to keep their daily supplies at the correct temperature, a butchers for example may need to keep their products chilled until they are prepared for sale.

At STSUK we understand that the product needs to fit the requirements so we offer free surveys so that we can meet you on site to discuss your cold room installation. We can then access and suggest the best equipment to suit you.

We have experience in installing, repair and servicing cold and freezer rooms for many types of customers including:- food testing companies, butchers, dairies, hotels, restaurants to name a few.

If you are looking for a new or to replace any kind of walk in refrigeration, give us a call to arrange a free no obligation survey


CellarBreeze™ utilises the UK’s weather system to save you money on running your cellar cooling system.

If the outdoor temperature is at least 2 degrees colder than your required cellar temperature, CellarBreeze™ will take over from your current Cellar Cooling System. It maintains the correct cellar temperature, without the need for the refrigeration system to be in continuous operation. The system is totally automated and will switch off your cooling equipment if the internal temperature can be maintained from the air outside.  This combined with SwitchBox and EndoCube is the most energy efficient way of cooling the cellar and extending the life of your existing cellar cooling equipment, and with a return on investment (ROI) usually measured in months it’s a fantastic investment.  Parts are all universal and so should replacement be necessary they are readily available and don’t carry premiums from the manufacturers.

*Even with CellarBreeze™, we would still recommend getting your system serviced at least annually.

System Benefits

  1. Save around 75% of your current electrical demand.
  2. Beat rising electrical costs.
  3. Full supplementary cooling eight months of the year.
  4. Reduce Stress and Wear-and-Tear of your existing system.
  5.  Fewer callouts, charges and parts.
  6. Cheaper replacement parts.
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Extend your capital life cycle.*

Based on a design calculation for a pub conversion in Oldham, we have calculated that the account would benefit from a saving of around £1,400 per annum!

CellarBreeze™ will provide you with a more efficient temperature controlled cellar both in terms of electricity savings and by extending the lifecycle of your equipment!

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