Refrigeration and Air Conditioning breakdowns always happen at the most inconvenient times and sometimes it can take days to get someone to come out to help. For some kinds of business it’s not quite as important but for others a failure in their cold storage or air conditioning is a disaster.

What if we could get someone out to you within 24 hours or if you called before 9am the same day! As part of our PRO-Tect™ membership we are offering exactly that!

All of our PRO-Tect™ members benefit from free callouts, discounts on maintenance and parts but now they also get same day service!

Don’t be left for days with a broken cellar cooler, bottle fridge or AC unit! Join PRO-Tect™  today

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Air Conditioning And Commercial Refrigeration


PRO-Tect™ is STSUK’s unique customer support programme designed around our concept of “Unlimited Free Call Outs Guaranteed“. The more you use our services, the more you save! Read more 

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