Cellar Cooling MaintenanceTwelve months ago we were doing everything that we could to make maintenance cost neutral and through the rising costs of electricity and parts etc we were very close.  With F-Gas Regulations dictating that systems must be regularly leak checked, there was an even stronger case for maintenance, but now we have entered a terrifying new age driven by Refrigerant Gas Prices.  Maintenance is now a “No Brainer” and we’ll try to explain why that is the case and how we can have a positive impact on you, your cashflow and your peace of mind.

Maintenance is frustrating, you take your car in for a regular service knowing that it’s the right thing to do and when it’s done you wonder “What is it that I’ve just spent my £200 on?”  It drives the same, sounds the same, feels the same and I guess that’s kind of the point.

A well-maintained refrigeration or air conditioning system, or car for that matter, should just keep running efficiently, for years, hassle free.  The issues come when you don’t keep it maintained and over time filters start to block, parts start to wear, pressures start to change and soon everything is out of whack.  You don’t know of course because the system is still showing temperature and all’s well.  Or is it?

The real concern is now having to tell customers that they have gas leaks.  We haven’t been able to “top it up” for a very long time and yet it’s a common phrase we still hear.  There are legal reasons under F-Gas Regulations, but simply, a refrigerant like R404a is a mixture of substances and you always lose one part of the blend first, followed by the next and just topping it up leaves you with something completely different from the refrigerant that is supposed to be in there.  Try putting diesel in a petrol car and see what happens!!!

Refrigerant is currently at a ridiculous price and it is only going to keep getting more expensive.  Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is the best way to protect yourself against nasty surprises like gas leaks.

Our engineers are trained to use their electronic leak detectors as a standard item.  They look for issues (and potential issues) such as pipe work vibrating against each other or casings or even cables.

When we carry out a maintenance for you, our objective is to give you value and that means doing everything that we can to protect you in the future and to get the system running as efficiently as possible now.

We have introduced a range of maintenance packages and payment plans to spread the costs.

We believe that maintenance, with the conditions we are facing and the packages we have put together along with payment plans can only be a no brainer.

PRO-Tect™ gives significant savings on the cost of maintenance e.g. a full annual cellar cooling service is £131 all in but with PRO-Tect™ Silver membership this drops to £91 including a F-Gas Log if you don’t currently have one and the six monthly interim visit drops from £88 to £48 effectively giving you two for the price of one!

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