Cold Room InstallationWhen looking to have a new cold room installed or replaced, it’s imperative to make sure that the right equipment is used for the installation.

This can depend on what you plan to store, ie chilled or frozen, how often you get deliveries, the layout of your kitchen and more.

Here are a few things to think about before you order your cold storage.


It is important to make sure you buy the right size of cold storage. Having a cold room that is too big for your needs will result in unnecessary energy costs. It is always more efficient to run a cold room that is full in comparison to one that is always half empty.

How often do you get deliveries can have an impact on the size your require. If you get frequent small deliveries then a small room is needed whereas infrequent large deliveries means you need larger cold storage.


When planning a new cold or freezer room, think about where it will be going. Is it easy to access for deliveries? Is it in a hot environment? Does it need to be inside the kitchen or will it be better outside? Our site survey team will help you to decide where the best location for installation will be.


What space do you have available to have a new or replacement cold room/freezer room installed? Don’t forget the outer dimensions will be bigger than the inner size.


Do you primarily use fresh or frozen food? If you mainly use Frozen Food, then you will require a walk in freezer. If you primarily use fresh food then you will require a cold room. If a mix or fresh and frozen then a combination room may be what you need.


In order for your preparation processes to run smoothly and efficiently the location of your cold storage is important. It may be that your preparation areas need to be close to your storage but if you have other refrigeration in the prep areas then it may not be quite so important.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when looking for cold or frozen storage which is why we recommend that you get a free site survey to assess exactly what you need.

We cover the whole of the North West, so if you are looking for a new cold storage or to replace an existing system, give us a call today to book in your free site survey.

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