A common issue in offices are complaints of drafts or AC blowing directly onto people giving them chills or just annoying them.  Many people just switch their systems on and pretty much accept what is “thrown out”.  Your controllers have a number of features to make your Air Conditioning more user friendly and comfortable such as fan speed control, temperature and louvre adjustment.  Some systems will operate from a timer as well.

So, how to use these features;

Timers, just like at home allow you to operate the AC out of hours to pre-heat / cool an office before everyone arrives and can give a more balanced temperature.  We are also starting to install systems that can be operated over the internet just like smart controls in your home.

Turning your AC right down in heating will help keep the chill off and the fabric of the building from losing too much heat.  This is going to use a little more energy but depending on the type of building and how you set it up the difference will be surprisingly little for most people and the recovery time will be much shorter.

We have a habit of thinking powerful is best and so it is with the AC, many people turn the temp up, or down to max and the fans on full to get the quickest result.  That results in extreme changes and drafts which annoy people.  It is far better to select the slowest fan speed suitable to what you are trying to achieve.  When cooling, set the louvres to flat and the air will “hug” the ceiling and travel further rather than blowing down someone’s neck.

A final thought are odours which may emit from the AC.  These can be caused by the coils being dirty, but they can also be caused by perfumes and aftershaves worn by occupants.  We tend to install odour eater tablets in our maintenance programmes which help to break down the smells for a more pleasant environment.

Hopefully these little tips will help for a more comfortable and friendly office.

If you need any help or advice, give us a call.

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